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Keep Mice Out Of Your Fayetteville Home

Most people would agree that mice are animals that belong far away from your house. However, most people also know that mice tend to enjoy the pleasures of a warm home and find it rather easy to sneak inside. Once there, they make easy work of destroying your house, chewing through anything they can sink their teeth into, and spreading harmful pathogens that can sicken your family.

Getting rid of a mouse infestation as quickly as possible helps lessen the damage they cause and the dangers they introduce to your Fayetteville house. If you have seen signs of mice in your home, such as finding droppings, seeing gnawed holes in food packaging, or noticing greasy rub marks along your baseboards, contact Ennis Exterminating right away. We will eliminate the mice in your house so that you can rest easy.

mice droppings in fayetteville georgia
a mouse on a cord in fayetteville georgia

Mouse Control From Ennis Exterminating


We’ll begin by inspecting your home and property for any signs of mouse activity. This inspection allows us to identify the areas where mice are spending their time in your house, which helps us target our treatments for better, faster results.


We use trapping and baiting to eliminate your mouse infestation. We’ll place traps in the areas of your house where mice are spending their time. We’ll place bait stations in safe locations around your home.


After installing the mouse traps, we’ll return to your house twice within the first week to remove anything the traps catch and reset them as necessary.

We’ll return on a monthly or quarterly basis for the bait stations, depending on the activity levels, in order to check and refill them as necessary.

Warrantied Mouse Control To Protect Your House

If mice get into your house, they will make your life miserable until you can get rid of them. Ennis Exterminating provides mouse control services to rid your home of an infestation. With a 30-day warranty, you can feel confident that we will fully eliminate your infestation. Contact us today to request a free quote for our services.

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