Three Early Warning Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Fayetteville Home 

June 15, 2021

Roaches are disgusting. Even clean homes in Fayetteville may get roaches. Pest cockroaches can be divided into two types, small (German cockroaches and brown-banded cockroaches) and large (smoky-brown cockroaches, brown cockroaches, and American cockroaches). The German cockroach (Blatella germanica) is by far the worst of the lot. These roaches are about ½ inch long, range from light to dark brown, and have two dark brown stripes on the front part of the back. They live only inside; they cannot survive outside. The brown-banded cockroach is similar to the German cockroach but has two brown bands across its back. It also can only survive indoors.

a german cockroach insside of a house

Large roaches are light to dark brown and over ½ inch long. They live outside and occasionally come inside. All of these roaches are nocturnal, so by the time you see one, you usually have a bad infestation. 

Signs Of Cockroaches 

When you have a cockroach infestation, you will see signs that you have cockroaches before you see actual cockroaches. The most common signs are droppings, smear marks, and discarded skins, egg cases, and empty eggs. 

Droppings are small brown deposits that look similar to coffee grounds or flecks of ground pepper. You will find them where the cockroaches live during the day as well as around other areas of the house. If these bits of feces dry out and crumble, they can get in the air you breathe. 

Smear marks are dark and irregular. These are often found on trails to and from the nest and the food or water source. 

Discarded skins, egg cases, and empty eggs are left lying around where there are roaches. These items can also dry out and crumble then get into the air you breathe. 

Cockroaches Are Dangerous 

Cockroaches are rather fastidious and groom themselves often. The problem is that they then track through sewage or spoiled food, then go into your food and food-preparation areas and track that into what you eat. That means you are at risk for salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, gastroenteritis, dysentery, listeriosis, giardia, and E. coli infection. 

Further, when the feces, discarded skins, and other things become airborne, they can cause allergies and asthma, especially in small children. In fact, children that are allergic to cockroaches and are exposed to a high level are three times as likely to be hospitalized for asthma than children who do not have a high level of cockroach allergens in their home. 

Get Professional Help 

Cockroaches are very difficult to get rid of by yourself. If you use a bug bomb, most cockroaches can hide in crevices where the poison cannot reach them. One cockroach that remains alive can lay eggs and starts building up a large population very quickly. 

Hire the professionals at Ennis Pest Control to get rid of roaches for you. We have been in business since 1999. When you call, we will give you a free quote. When our trained professional technician comes out, he will inspect your home inside and out. He will then discuss what needs to be done to eliminate the cockroaches. If you agree, he will get to work. Bait is left where the cockroaches congregate. This poisons the cockroaches without putting your children or pets at risk. We will then come out quarterly and refill the bait stations and check to see that no cockroaches are present in your home. 

When our technician has treated your home, we stand behind that treatment. If it doesn’t get rid of the cockroaches, we will come back and re-treat your home, at our expense, until the cockroaches are gone.

Call Ennis Pest Control at 770-716-0867 today to get rid of your cockroaches. 

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