Should I Be Worried About The Spiders In My Fayetteville, GA Home?

October 15, 2021

Spiders are hated by many because of their behaviors and appearances. A lot of them spin these nearly clear webs that are sticky and easy to step into on accident. Generally speaking, the bugs have prickly fangs and carry venom. One bite could mean acute pain and a doctor’s visit. Fayetteville homeowners need to stay on top of their remediation.

You might come across a spider that won't do you much harm, but it’s just as likely you’ll see a dangerous one. Black widows and brown recluses, for instance, can be medically lethal. They must be avoided at all costs. By reading about these local arachnids, you’ll have an understanding of what you’re in for and how to stop intrusions. Ennis Exterminating can definitely be of assistance.

a black widow spider crawling in its web

What Spiders Are Common in Fayetteville? What Are the Risks?

As mentioned, black widows and brown recluses are prevalent. The dark skin of the black widow is shiny. Overall, they are 0.12 of an inch long. At maximum, a male will be 0.39 of an inch. Female growth caps at 0.51 of an inch; they are distinguished by the red hourglass on their abdomens. Around natural matter, high grass, and wood are where these pests tend to be. Though they are outdoors primarily, inclement weather or a low food supply will compel them to violate your residence. Dim and quiet places, like garages, basements, and closets, are their go-to. Bites will expose you to potent neurotoxins, so beware of them. Also, consider a critter inspection. Black widows eat other pests, so there’s bound to be other activity on your property. 

Brown recluses are tan or brown, living up to expectations. In relation to size, they are 0.50 of an inch long. They too have marks on their stomach; it looks like a violin. Many people misidentify them as other bugs. Fellow pests are a part of their diet, they nestle in organic debris, and they gravitate to dark rooms with low traffic. These arachnids are commonly found in cabinets, sheds, attics, cellars, and crawlspaces. With their long and skinny legs, they can sprint. Their reproduction rates are just as fast. Should you be bitten, nausea, lesions, and fever will come. 

In addition to these facts, remember the following:

  • Medical attention is a must for bites
  • They are active at night
  • Spotting any is indicative of an infestation
  • They gather near furniture, firewood, and floor corners

Are There Ways to Prevent Fayetteville Spiders?

You’ll have to enhance your interior and exterior maintenance to deter spiders. Fortunately, typical protocols don’t vary by species. You can ward off all of them with these steps:

  • Seal cracks in windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Inspect sweeps and screens to verify that they are intact.  
  • Have leaks and moisture defects repaired right away.
  • Use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to regulate warmth.
  • Put food and garbage in secure containers.
  • Sweep webs you discover.
  • Dust, sweep, and vacuum frequently.
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery regularly. Get rid of debris.
  • Sit wood and plants two feet away from the property.  
  • Examine storage items and logs before pulling them indoors.
  • Contact Ennis Exterminating if you have pests that spiders consume.

How Will Ennis Exterminating Handle Fayetteville Spiders?

While preventative methods for spiders aren’t specific to species, treatments can be. This is where retail products can let you down. The pricey items aren’t specially designed and won’t solve an infestation. Further, they can be hazardous. We at Ennis Exterminating have safe, curated solutions. Our experienced technicians will employ web removal tools, perimeter barriers, and more! Call today for a free quote and get started on our effective home pest control.

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